Sebastian Worldwide LLC joins with non-profit to create new Christian mobile app game to help Charities.

Orlando, Florida (Dec 16, 2014) Sebastian Worldwide LLC, Independent Gaming developer and the 2nd Chance at Life Partnership, a national non-profit program of the NGF organization have partnered to create GOD, Bible Adventure, the Greatest Bible Mobile App Game ever created as a Christian Charitable Fundraiser Game.

GOD is the most powerful Bible Adventure game ever created on IPhone, IPad and IPod touch. It’s FREE. It’s a Gamers’ fix!   Switch and match Glittering beads as you journey through multiple levels of the Holy land, meeting exciting Bible Heroes like, David & Goliath, Mary Magdalene, Deborah the Fiery Warrior Queen, and Moses leading the great Exodus and the Glorious Prince of Peace.   From one level to the next, you’ll challenge your friends, Open your children’s eyes to GOD,   and climb to the top of the leader board.

The partnership calls for Sebastian Worldwide LLC, to provide the 2nd Chance at Life Program (SCAL) with 100% of the Advertising revenue created by the game. If you hate the ads in most games, now’s your chance to change the world. Any gamer can click the AD FREE booster for $1.99 and the money goes to charity, spreading GOD’s word and giving people and animals a 2nd Chance at Life.

Developed as a fun way to play a game and spread the word of GOD. “ Your children’s eyes will be opened to the glory of GOD without shoving it down their throats.” says Ben Sebastian, one of the creative developer of the game. “Parents have wanted a way for their kids to play games, without the violence, and bad influence of most games on the market today. This is it!”

The Revenue derived from the game for the 2nd Chance at Life program, which was awarded a national LIFETIME AWARD for its works with humans and animals, will fund the Rescue of FL Greyhounds, training of Greyhound Companion, Therapy and Service Dogs for Veterans, the rehabilitation of incarcerated offenders, and Spreading GOD’s word through Christian and Animal Organizations worldwide.

Sebastian Worldwide LLC is a pioneer in the development of Christian Mobile Apps and fundraising solutions for Small Charities, Local Community and Christian organizations to support their work and Spread Gods Word.     Our expertise in working with organizations that explore the animal/human bond and its un-conditional love is delivered by hundreds of incarcerated trainers and caretakers, and animal/human, organizations across the United States and Internationally. To find out more, please visit

Beverly Sebastian, Media Relations,, 352-212-5878