God Bible Adventure

Take the journey through the Holy Land with the most exciting switch and match game ever. On your journey you will meet the Bible Heroes and learn of their amazing miracles. Download today for free on iTunes!
Enjoy our Free Gift from God!


Welcome to God Bible Adventure

The Exciting and Fun mobile game that takes you on a journey with the Heroes of the Bible.
GOD Bible Adventure Charity Partners

The National Greyhound Foundation, has created a great new mobile app game, GOD BIBLE ADVENTURE, and will use 100% of all AD revenue generated to help fund our Second Chance at Life program (SCAL). If you like to play CANDY CRUSH, or Bejeweled you’ll love playing GOD BIBLE ADVENTURE.  And you will be earning money for the Charity.

If you hate the ads in most games, now is your chance to change the world and make the Advertising Companies pay SCAL Charity for watching their ads.  Watching the ads allows you to give back to charity without it costing you anything! So if the AD’s looks good keep them, and remember you are helping charity! 


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Special Thanks
Special Thanks to Akiane Kramarik and her whole team, we deeply appreciate her allowing us to use her picture “Prince of Peace” (only on iTunes) as our Salvation Jesus screen. Please visit her website by clicking the picture.

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